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Minibus Leasing

We appreciate how important choosing the right minibus and finance option for your organisation is. Leasing a minibus is one option to consider

Why lease?

There are many reasons to consider leasing your next minibus. We have put together a few reasons:

Flexible terms and mileage

There are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right length of time to lease a minibus. We work with organisations who lease from 24 months, up to 60 months.
As minibuses are used for a variety of purposes, this affects the mileage requirements in their leasing agreement. Whatever your mileage requirements are, we will have an option for you (please be advised that the minimum mileage per annum is 6,000 miles for leasing agreements).

Our popular choices of annual mileage range from 6,000 to 30,000 miles but we have also worked with organisations that require up to 50,000 miles per annum and we have been able to facilitate this requirement, as well as finding the most competitive deal for them for their lease.

Fixed monthly payments

Working within a budget has never been as prevalent as it is today and our dedicated minibus team are here to make it as easy as possible, and stress free.

Our minibus leasing agreements ensure that the agreed monthly payment at the start of the contract is what you will pay for the whole agreement, with:

  • No hidden surprises
  • No fees
  • No interest changes
  • No nasty shocks

Free delivery

We work with organisations across the whole of the UK and work with our supplier network to be able to offer everyone free delivery to their chosen location.
We may be based on the south coast but our customers go as far north as Scotland, Norfolk in the east and Cornwall in the west.

Maintenance & Roadside Assistance can be included

A key benefit of leasing your minibus is that you can include all the maintenance and roadside assistance as part of the monthly payment.

If you choose maintenance as part of your leasing agreement you will receive:

  • A yearly MOT
  • Scheduled services (based on mileage)
  • Roadside assistance
  • Road fund licence (road tax)

Low initial outlay

Find a large deposit for a minibus lease can be difficult for organisations, let alone trying to find the full vehicle price.

Leasing a minibus with us means you can put down a lower initial payment, usually 3 to 9 times the monthly lease cost to help you use your cash for other purchases.

Putting a larger deposit down at the beginning of your agreement will reduce your monthly payments but this can be unfeasible for some organisations and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers different options to suit their personal needs.

Variety of minibuses to choose from

We have a fantastic range of nursery minibuses to choose from:


(9 – 17 seat arrangements)

More Details


(9, 12 and 17 seat arrangements)

More Details


(9, 15 and 17 seat arrangements)

More Details

Mercedes Benz

(9 or 17 seat arrangements)

More Details

How Leasing works

Vehicle leasing is a little bit like a mobile phone contract; you pay a deposit and make monthly payments. Instead of minutes, texts and a data allowance, you get a mileage allowance on your minibus.

At the end of the leasing agreement, you can upgrade to the latest model available and adjust the term and mileage to suit you better or even extend the current agreement.

There is a little more to it than that and there are lots of options, but all in all, it’s pretty simple.

Leasing Options

We offer two leasing options:

Contract Hire with maintenance

You can take out a minibus lease on contract hire with all your maintenance included; annual MOT, scheduled services (based on mileage), roadside assistance, road fund licence and tyres.

Contract hire is suitable for companies and individuals registered for VAT. The main advantage is that the VAT portion is up to 100% recoverable.

If you’re VAT-registered, the VAT portion of your payment is 100% recoverable if the vehicle is used solely for business use. This figure drops to 50% if the vehicle is also available to the driver for personal use.

The vehicle will be hired for a set period of time – typically between 24 and 60 months – and monthly rentals are set based on agreed mileages.

The other main advantage for VAT-registered companies is that up to 100% of your rental can be offset against your company’s taxable profits.

Other benefits of contract hire include:

  • There is no risk of depreciation leaving you with an unexpected cost in the future. With no ownership risk on your part, all you need to adhere to is mileage restrictions and wear-and-tear regulations to ensure your monthly costs are all you will pay.
  • Administration relating to your vehicles is reduced. For example, road fund licence is renewed for you online so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Your payment is purely a rental, so it sits off your balance sheet, avoiding being classed as a depreciating asset.

Contract Hire without maintenance

This is the same as above but does not include the maintenance of your minibus.

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CVM Group Used Car

P Scrimshaw - Langmead Farms

Jason Ahmet our account manager is always knowledgeable, provides great service and is continually helpful. We continue to lease our vehicles via Complete Vehicle Management.

CVM Group Used Car

J Eva - Redruth Specsavers.

I am delighted with the new Mini although I think it may take a long time to work out how to use all the gizmos.

Thanks again for all your assistance it was a pleasure as it has been in the past.

V Beaumont

"Thank you for everything Chris. Unbelievable service again. She is so happy. I just wish I was off work to enjoy it with her today"


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