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Added: 01 March 2018

Author: Nic Jones

Accessible Minibuses

Minibuses are a great way to transport a large amount of people to a specific area, whether you are taking school children to an event or using the minibus for charity work. The majority of minibuses do not cater for people with disabilities who need wheelchair access, ramps or specific layout options. Accessible minibuses are ideal for those with disabilities because wheelchair access and other equipment are already added into the minibus for your organisation.

There are many different sized minibuses that you can have converted. The 17-seat minibus is the more popular option due to the maximised space and layout, however CVM can also fit accessible features into vehicles from 9-17 seat minibuses if that suits you better. We can help you decide what is best for you and your organisation if you are unsure.

Features of an accessible minibus

There are a lot of different examples of what makes an accessible minibus. The more popular conversion we can offer are wheelchair conversions that have hydraulic tail-lifts or ramps, different layout options and types of flooring.

Wheelchairs: Wheelchair access can be fitted into your minibus by removing seats out of the minibus. The wheel chair access is primarily at the back of minibus, unless the minibus is fully wheelchair accessible where every seat can be removed.

Hydraulic Tail-lifts: Hydraulic tail-lifts can be fitted to the back of the minibus in order to get the wheelchair into the minibus safely and efficiently. They can hold more than enough to support both the passenger and the wheelchair when being lifted into the minibus.

Ramps: Ramps can be used as an alternative to Tail-lifts at the back or side of the minibus to get the wheelchair in or out of the minibus. This is a cheaper alternative to the hydraulic tail lift, but it is more manual work.

Handrails: Handrails assist passengers to get in, out and around the minibus. These are a great addition for young and elderly passengers to help secure their balance and safety when manoeuvring on the minibus. There are High Vis handrails available as well to make them even more visible.


CVM Minibuses offer tracked flooring which allows you to move around all of the seats in the minibus, giving you options to have a desired location for your accessible equipment. The aluminium track is bonded to the floor of the minibus, which allows you to insert or take out the seats when required.

CVM Minibuses can help you with your specific requirements for accessible minibuses, just contact us today for a fully personalised quotation. We have already supplied accessible minibuses to a variety of different organisations and are looking forward to working with you. You can contact CVM today on 01489 880050 or email to find out more.

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