CVM deliver 17 seater minibus to Andover Young Carers

Added: 04 May 2017

Author: Josh Frost

CVM deliver 17 seater minibus to Andover Young Carers

On Thursday 6th April, Sharon Gilpin, Account Manager at CVM Minibuses delivered a 2017 Peugeot Featherlight 17 seater minibus to Andover Young Carers, replacing their 2005 plate. To ensure they got the best possible value for money Andover Young Carers approached several dealers, and were happy that CVM offered the best price and sales support.

Andover Young Carers are an independent charity established to support children and young people who have a caring responsibility. These incredible young people provide regular on-going care and emotional support to a family member who is physically or mentally ill.

The charity ensures these young carers have the best possible life chances, following an assessment of individual needs by providing respite and support. The support includes a range of activities, trips and outings, after school clubs, life skills, homework support and signposting to other support services.

Sharon Gilpin at CVM commented “At the heart of this charity is providing young carers with an outlet from their day to day responsibilities of caring for their family member. The minibus is an essential part of their work to provide activities and I was personally so pleased to be able to handover this vehicle.”

The new converted Peugeot Boxer 17 seat minibus enables the charity to have a flexible vehicle that can be used for a variety of activities for the charity as well as offering flexible options with seating, allowing the minibus to take a wheelchair.

“We were so excited to receive our new minibus from Sharon at CVM. The new artwork looks fantastic, and we cannot wait to start taking the young people out in it.” Explained Jill Baines, Charity Executive. “Having a new, reliable minibus enables us to continue to support these young carers with a respite from their normal caring responsibilities. We love to offer a variety of activities to appeal to different people and the minibus is essential to us to do this.”

For more information about the Andover Young Carers charity visit their website

If you are interested in finding out more about 17 seat Peugeot Boxer Featherlight converted minibus from CVM, then please contact Sharon Gilpin  or visit the dedicated 17 seater minibus page on the CVM website.

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