Maintenance included explained

Added: 02 November 2017

Author: Nic Jones

Maintenance included explained

At CVM Minibuses we work with a variety of schools, charitable and community organisations across the UK and understand that budgeting and fundraising are key parts of the buying or leasing process for a minibus.

The organisations we work with are usually looking to upgrade their transport provisions. They work hard to raise the funds for the minibus and we hate to see them hit with unexpected costs of the maintenance of the minibus going forward.

We offer two types of leasing for minibuses and we find a lot of our school, community and charity customers opt for the maintenance included option to ensure they don’t have any further unforeseen costs.

So, what does maintenance included really mean?

When you take out a lease with maintenance included, it means you will receive the following all as part of your regular monthly payment:


The DVLA stipulates that minibuses must have an annual MOT check and the first one should be 12 months after the vehicle was first registered.  As part of your maintenance included lease these MOTs will all be covered until the end of your minibus lease.

Scheduled Services

Just like a car, minibuses need to have regular servicing to ensure they are in tip top condition. This will be based on the mileage of the vehicle, so the more miles you do the more often the minibus will need to be serviced. The costs are all included in your maintenance included lease.

Road Fund Licence (Road Tax)

As with all vehicles on the road, a minibus requires that the appropriate road fund licence is paid for. As part of your maintenance included lease the yearly road fund licence will be covered for the term of your minibus lease.

Roadside Assistance

If you choose a maintenance included minibus lease your roadside assistance will be covered for the duration of your lease agreement, giving you complete peace of mind when you are out on the road.

If you would like to discuss your minibus requirements or would like any more information on minibus leases with maintenance included, please don’t hesitate to contact Sharon Gilpin and Caroline Ilsley who have combined experience of over 20 years in the minibus supply industry. They can be contacted via email or you can call 01489 880050.

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