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Added: 14 February 2018

Author: Nic Jones

With more vehicles on the road than ever before, minibus safety features are even more important in organisations to ensure the protection and well-being of their passengers and driver. Whether you are auditing the safety features of your current minibus or are currently considering a new minibus and writing a checklist of the safety features that need to be included, our minibus safety feature guide will help you prioritise your must-haves.

We also help you understand the safety feature jargon and explain the difference between passive safety features and active safety features.

Passive Minibus Safety Features

If you currently own and drive a car, you will be well versed with passive safety features. These are more traditional safety features that ALL vehicles including minibuses will feature. Their role is to protect you, your minibus passengers and your vehicle in a crash. These include seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock brakes (ABS).

Active Minibus Safety Features

Active Safety features are technology that assists in the prevention of a crash. We love new technology such as lane keeping assist and forward collision warning systems.

Safety and Technology – coming together for future protection

Technology is developing at a fast rate in minibus safety and we continue to be impressed with the new and improved features every year.

If you are looking for a new minibus for your organisation, it is important that you look at a variety of minibuses and their safety features, to ensure they meet your needs.

The driver can be transporting up to 17 passengers including children and vulnerable persons, so it is vital that the minibus is fully equipped with active and passive safety features, to help avoid accidents as well as best deal with one if unfortunately one does happen.

We have done the research for you and have come up with best active safety features on some top brand minibuses.

Ford Tourneo Custom Minibus – Up to 9 seats

The Ford Tourneo Custom is a 9 seater minibus with a wealth of active safety features to complement the existing passive features.

Pre-Collision Assist

The minibus detects vehicles and pedestrians in front and warns the driver of their presence. If the driver doesn’t react in time, or at all, the minibus will automatically brake. It will work at speeds under 50 mph, which is really impressive.

Lane-Keeping Alert

If you are unintentionally drifting out of your lane, the steering wheel will vibrate along with notification sounds and visual displays.

Driver Alert System

The minibus constantly analyses the driver’s motions and ways of driving, so when there is a change in stage of fatigue, the minibus will display a warning icon. The warning icon indicates that you should take a break from driving. If your awareness and driving continue to decline, the minibus will start beeping, encouraging you to take a break. Time for a coffee!

Traffic Sign Recognition

This feature alerts you know when the speed limit changes which is incredibly helpful if you are driving in an area you do not know very well.

Auto High Beam

The Auto High Beam feature will dip the headlights when there is oncoming traffic, then it will automatically change back to high beam.

Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance

Ford SYNC is one of the most advanced active safety features. If the airbag is deployed or the fuel pump is deactivated, the minibus will automatically call emergency services with your GPS location, via Bluetooth.

If you are looking for a larger minibus for your organisation but are still looking for the best active technology features on the market, why not consider the Mercedes Sprinter 17 seat minibus.

Mercedes Sprinter Minibus – 17 seats

The Mercedes Sprinter highlights how the bus is one of the world’s safest modes of transport. Practically no other manufacturer has taken responsibility for the safety of its buses like Mercedes-Benz has – and still does. Many of the vehicle enhancements which are now standard originated in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

At Mercedes-Benz, safety does not mean implementing individual measures. Safety represents a comprehensive integral safety concept. By systematically implementing its safety philosophy, this concept covers all stages of vehicle safety: from handling safety through safety in hazardous situations and protection in the event of an accident to minimising the consequences of an accident. This also includes many other measures such as driver training, conscientious maintenance of the vehicle and the use of certified genuine replacement parts in vehicle service.

The aim of the integral safety concept is ambitious: it is to implement the vision of accident-free driving.

Cornering/ Active Light Functions

The active light function gives drivers increased vision when driving in the dark. When turning tight corners, the headlamp will shine more for increased vision. 

High Beam Assist

Like the Ford Transit Tourneo, the Mercedes Sprinter also has the automatic high beam assist.

Lane Keeping Assist

With a camera on the side of the windscreen, the minibus registers lane markings and will alert the driver to sounds and visual signals if you start driving out of your lane unintentionally

Blind Spot Assist

Detects vehicles in blind spot and can warn the driver to prevent a collision

If you are searching for a 17 seat minibus, an alternative option is the Peugeot Featherlight minibus which is a van conversion but still offers some fantastic safety features.

Peugeot Boxer Featherlight Minibus – 17 seats

Hill Decent Control

This feature allows the driver to maintain a constant speed of below 18mph and keep the vehicle under control when going down hills or muddy terrains.

Reversing Camera

Reversing camera's may not count as an active safety feature, but we have added to the list because it can still help prevent a collision or accident. With cameras installed to the back of the minibus, you can see what is behind you, which is very useful as the 17 seat minibus is a larger vehicle than most are used to driving and manoeuvring.

Lane Departure

The lane departure system constantly reads the road with its camera on the interior rear view mirror.

Programmable Cruise Control

A feature that allows you to enter a setting to maintain or limit speed

If you have any further questions regarding the active safety features on minibuses, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01489 880050 or email

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